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  6. kainase

    The tool is designed for manual processing, yet it is not meant to handle semiautomatic annotation since the program does not yet include automatic algorithms for assignment of different taxa to reads.

    GMFF is a free and open-source database for fast mapping of reads produced by next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies. Designed for mapping of reads against multiple genomes and for accurate distance-based detection of large genomic rearrangements, GMFF computes matches by constructing multiple alignments,

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  7. raqudawn

    Although the user interface is not the prettiest part of the software, it doesn’t matter too much, since you can’t seriously overestimate the usefulness and benefits that you will derive from this utility, for sure. In addition, you should be aware that since the software is a one-of-a-kind file password decryptor, it can’t really be classified among the ‘regular’ password decryptors that are more common out there. You may need to seek a different

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  8. jayleo

    It provides statistically analyzing the compression quality of the file.

    Of cours, the DivXplayer and YUV Grabber applications were designed to read the DivX and Xvid (.avi) files and play them, and it also analyzes the quality of the compression of the file.

    This software is part of the OpenDivX Project.


    There are three (3) complementary applications provided with this software package. The first is the DivX DRF Analy

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  9. jalfinn

    Full Featured TeX Editor is a powerful and configurable text editor for the TeX, LaTeX, pdfTeX and DocBook languages. It can work along with the TeX4ht and Tex4ht, a powerful [ XSLT processor written in Java.
    Full Featured TeX Editor is a powerful word processing software for those who needs an Office suite. It includes a strong calendaring system with advanced support for working with all kinds of

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  10. moyqua

    The video conversion process will start upon automatic loading of the YouTube video content. In addition, you may set a limit on simultaneous downloads, in order to save computer resources.

    MediaRize is a product that allows you to rip and convert video files, selected by you, into specific formats. The software can handle several files at the same time, in different quality. The tools are very easy to use and are designed to be accessed from the Internet, with no need of any configuration.

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  11. ivijoh

    It performs all the cleanup necessary after a successful installation, or after installing an update, and removes the installation’s files.
    Uninstall Update Cleanup Tool allows you to search for installed updates and select the update to remove (using a web browser), or to uninstall an update.
    Uninstall Update Cleanup Tool allows updates to be removed from the list of updates chosen for removal (selected using a web browser). All other installed updates are removed.
    Uninstall Update Cleanup Tool displays a list

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  12. saldar

    Manage your audio files easily
    All you need to do in order to download and install Home Audio Editor is to click the download button present below and wait for the installation to complete.

    Related software solution downloads for Audio Editor:

    Another useful solution called LCX Home Audio Editor 2.5.1 is available to install on your computer. It has 722 downloads on right now. Take a look at our review below.
    More than 400 downloads

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  13. jaynrom

    Java 1.6 or higher
    Since it has also been introduced in Java 8, it is available on Oracle’s website. You do not need to download it from any other website.


    JNLP is a Java API that can be used to communicate with the plugin system in a simple way. Developers can write their own plugin that can be used for a variety of purposes, either by making use of the API, XML documents, Java like libraries

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  14. dapfri

    com0com gives you the possibility to generate the same number of virtual COM ports to a PC and you can take advantage of them.

    Com0com Features


    How does it work?

    Builds a virtual COM port real connection in userspace.
    Created by LINUX SCSI Drivers.
    Running at kernel level, with the Linux Kernel Driver.
    Works on /dev/ttyXXX(Default).

    Virtual COM ports created by com0

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  15. uganrein

    Having said that, however, there are still room for improvement, especially with regards to the reports. TimeTracker is still new, so hopefully Microsoft will make improvements to it in the future.

    Today, Microsoft announced Project NEON, a set of updates addressing the actions that need to be made to mobile devices to properly support Continuum. The first one being one of the most interesting: support for inking. It means that now your device will recognize much more details in written content,

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  16. javvir

    However, if you’re looking for a more powerful and well-rounded tool, you should take a look at Duplicity first.

    The de facto standard for disk imaging and backup solutions, Duplicity offers automated backups, supports incremental and differential backups, and restores deleted files. It can be configured for either full-system, partitioned, or file-by-file backups, all of which are secure, easy-to-use, and fast. Deleted files are re-retrieved

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  17. janntal

    But don’t get too carried away with the idea, because its simplicity also means that there are definitely things you can’t do.

    Ever want to create some awesome dioramas? Ever wish you could bring home a cute 3D model without paying ridiculous amounts for shipping?

    Meet 3D Studio Max. It’s a software program for amateur and professional 3D artists, designers, and 3D animators. It’s most common usage of course

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  18. scoren

    Various rasters and non-raster formats can be handled such as XML, GeoJSON, WMS, HTML or JSON.
    Finally, it might be possible that my project needs more than XML and JSON. In this case, parsing and deserialization is done by the raster and non-raster plugins.


    GAGraphicsView is built using JAI – Image I/O API that gives you efficient access to a lot of image input/output

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  19. moulem

    Toptonik is a console based game. The goal of the game is to beat the second player and succeed in the fist player by eradicating the opponent with cannons, guns and mortars. In a one-on-one battle there are 4 weapon types; the mortars, the cannon, the machinegun and the heavy gun. The game also includes computers which can play against a real person. Please note that Toptonik is not just a simple in game shooting exercise, but

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  20. tarpri

    But for those that are interested in obtaining any information about proteomics, the program can be an useful tool.

    BASEPROP is a free program that enables you to calculate β-amyloid concentrations and plaque counts in your brain or blood. The information in the program is based upon an original, Medical View article which was authored by James L. Verellen, Vanessa Lunn, Melissa K. Lanotte, and Shawn Wawrytko.
    What is Base

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  21. tarpri

    But for those that are interested in obtaining any information about proteomics, the program can be an useful tool.

    BASEPROP is a free program that enables you to calculate β-amyloid concentrations and plaque counts in your brain or blood. The information in the program is based upon an original, Medical View article which was authored by James L. Verellen, Vanessa Lunn, Melissa K. Lanotte, and Shawn Wawrytko.
    What is Base

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  22. caycyn

    Yes, it’s an older application. It lacks some advanced features that are included in the newest commercial font managers. But considering that it’s a free application, it brings an affordable alternative to the table, especially if you want to make a more careful decision, since it allows you to compare different fonts side by side.Image copyright Jamil Deen The photo that Nasa released into space Image caption The picture was taken on 22 July, 2003

    Skeletal remains have been found in

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  23. wesydas

    About The Author

    Andy introduces us to his torrent client, called BitBuddy, in today’s “Software Roundup”. The application was found on the internet and is completely free. You can download it via the link in the first section.
    This is an APK file and, therefore, you can transfer the app with a file manager or your preferred file transfer utility. Of course, the application includes no viruses and enables you to visit your favorite sites with no problem.

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  24. quizyko

    However, because it comes with no help documentation, advanced computer skills and understanding of network data analysis concepts might improve your efficiency.1. Field of the Invention
    This invention relates to a picture recording-reproducing apparatus in which a series of frames, which are formed as a group of picture information data, is read frame-by-frame.
    2. Description of the Prior Art
    In such a picture recording-reproducing apparatus, if it is desired to frame-jog the apparatus http://xn--90aefy5b.xn--p1ai/bitrix/rk.php?goto= 05e1106874 quizyko

  25. beviros

    ■ No return policy

    Ambient Keys Presets is a library of thousands of presets for Ambient Keys synthesizer. These presets are created from thousands of WAV files, and perfect for all of your sounds. The collection is based on hundreds of waveforms with the extra powerful filters and effects. This library contains 10 presets for each of the genres as listed bellow.
    The sounds from this library are brought to life with the usual sounds and sounds from the market. 05e1106874 beviros

  26. desnye

    I’ve been rooting around the forums and found more than one thread with people complaining about this game’s current usp. Apparently there have been suggestions made for an updated quest system, but, henceforth, not many of them got done and this can be found in the Developer’s Workshop ( to the best of my knowledge.

    In brief, there are these links:

    When the game unlocks 05e1106874 desnye

  27. marrei


    yarn: proxy to container on yarn service

    I have been searching how to update the service of an application running on YARN (Hadoop 2.6.x) with git pull operations from the code in the host machine (an Ubuntu image), but not with WDL, since it does not support it. I’ve read this article which made me understand that git-pull operations will be executed in the container of my application because it uses docker. 8cee70152a marrei

  28. yamdeed

    It is written as a stand-alone application.
    Features :
    • Supports all Windows operating system platforms
    • Currently supports MS-DOS and most UNIX platforms and operating systems
    • Supports most Basic commands on MS-DOS and UNIX platforms
    • Supports many of the standard QBasic commands
    • Common QBasic commands are provided as the equivalent QtBasic commands
    • Can be compiled in MS-DOS environment or through UNIX ports

    QtBasic Supported OS : Windows and Linux 8cee70152a yamdeed

  29. rawalf

    From there, a command can be issued to start and complete the whole conversion process.
    People who want to perform a specific task within DB2 to MySQL will be satisfied to know that the utility allows them to work with stored procedures and views. Also available are the bulk data manipulations which makes conversion faster.
    Moreover, DB2 to MySQL allows users to specify which table structure will be maintained and what sort of data will be kept when the information is moved. Everything related to the settings will be
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  30. chalaur

    Selleo Softworks has announced that the much anticipated beta version of SBI Essentials 2.0 is available for download as a free upgrade for its SBI Essentials for Canon Digital Cameras package.

    With its beta version, users will get easy access to the SBI Essentials’ features, but it will only be a test version. Deduplication, backup, adjustment, viewing, searching, and editing images are just some of the powerful features that users
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  31. marher


    Select colors using the tools below. You can even select the hue of an
    individual color (255 being neutral).
    Or choose from a color wheel

    Sample Usage:

    Color wheels, Kuler, etc can be found and exported as KmPx or a swatch
    file using the “Export” button.
    Install on PC.

    Usage Modes:

    The location from which Colouric listens is defined by the “Extend
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  32. fercah

    Aquarella will give you the opportunity to add a colorful and unique touch to your images. It offers the option to play with the settings to achieve stunning final results.
    You can easily adjust the styles that are included in the app to find the best suitable for your images. The interface is simple and intuitive and the app is fast and easy to use.
    The only problematic aspect of this app is its price. It is rather heavy at an average of $18.99 on the App
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  33. lorbell

    ■ A special dual list view shows you the folder structure and image count in separate lists.
    ■ Preview pictures before downloading.
    ■ Password protection for each basket.
    ■ Apply a dark and light blur to images to have a preview.
    ■ Password protection for each galleries.
    ■ Strict browser compatibility for handling javascript and maximizing compatibility with other browsers.
    ■ Mouse wheel to quickly browse the images.
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  34. moravale

    At this point, we should also let you know that this is not the only Hikvision version available for public use. However, since the software undergoes a constant development process, anyone who is planning to buy and deploy such system (any Hikvision device, by the way) should definitely get it.

    Given that the worldwide market for ethernet and IP cameras has been growing rapidly over the past few years and will most likely continue to grow in the future, it’s a great idea to
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  35. marday


    If you wish to install platformio IDE on your windows machine, please keep in mind that MS Visual Studio is an integral part of the development process as it handles the most complex of development tools for you.
    As mentioned in the piece earlier, you should not delve too deeply into the platform’s variants if you are unfamiliar with computers programming.
    Finally, you should refer to the official Platform
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  36. tobole

    In other words, it’s a one-click solution to clean computer online while gaining some space back!

    Ultimate review of AirGap that is available for free, showing some basic features and quality of work.

    AirGap is a PC tunneling and encryption software, that enables its users to securely access their PC, data and intranets from your smartphone, tablet or laptop without actually touching the hardware. AirGap was created to prevent the kind of software on
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  37. guilalo

    If you are a power user, you can store all your categories in one app to avoid the need for creating more tabs later on.
    Dispensers – (Blender Shop” | Windows RT) 10 shortcuts

    If you are running Windows 8.1 on your ultrabook, you can now use the Classic Start Menu as your personal alternative to the standard one. The app itself is freely available in the Windows Store, and it is definitely worth checking out.
    Improved user
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  38. bettalm

    We recommend using the free preview function to evaluate its smaller size before you start resizing PDFs.

    I have been trying to resize quite a few PDFs, but with Power PDF Compressor I got it done with out a lot of errors and loss of data. It is very easy to use and the compression is clearly visible. I found it to be the easiest way to resize PDFs to my needs without messing around.

    It is good, even if the disk space recovery is
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  39. blazbre

    Voxengo Polysquasher is one of the most transparent compressors available on the market. Use it and you’ll immediately notice its light compression character. At the time of recording, you really do not distinguish it from a standard compressor. Let it process your signal and you can have your whole purpose fulfilled. This wonderful plug-in is a hot item, worthy of a place in every mastering engineer’s desktop application library.

    Voxengo PolySquasher for Mac OSX (64
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  40. alrgle

    XNA Framework Redistributable is the package required for XNA Game Studio SDK to run the game.
    In general, the distribution includes what is needed for a Windows device to run your game. That includes the ability to run on multiple Windows platforms such as Windows 8, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.

    What is xbox games dashboard? This is a new set of game for Xbox Live. This set of game is designed to provide game search, recommendations, friends and
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  41. blaele

    The application doesn’t take long to install and it doesn’t come with a complicated setup that you would  need to complete before you can actually use it. It sports a clean and intuitive graphical interface with many nice tools at hand.
    Sleek and intuitive graphical interface
    The application doesn’t take long to install and it doesn’t come with a complicated setup that you would  need to complete before you can actually use it. It sports a clean and intuitive graphical interface with many nice tools at
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  42. demfre

    Here are the usage examples:
    Use it with the -i option to close a specific connection:
    c:\> KillTCP.exe -i

    It should terminate just fine, however get more information about command line options with kill -help.

    The search engines are by far the most powerful digital tools available to any business. While your presence on the search engines can be the determining factor in the success of your
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  43. broojail

    RecSound Core and Control

    This is the “Downloads sub-tab” of installer. To uninstall it, open it and select “Uninstall” from the “Help” menu, then click “Remove”. Thanks

    As it is the first time you download and install a program via Tridion SP1, a step-by-step installation instruction is provided to guide you through the process. If you are having problems installing, please follow these steps:

    Open Tr
    ec5d62056f broojail

  44. valarie

    Key Features
    ⓒ 2004,2016 Ontrack Digital

    Manufacturer Resources

    Learn how you can enhance the productivity of your facility and reduce the cost of printing. Request a consultation with
    one of our experts today.Q:

    Table schema – foreign key causes “unique constraint” error

    I’m trying to setup a foreign key (lvl) in my testing database (so that it’s easier to follow the structure during development), but I get a “unique
    ec5d62056f valarie

  45. rashalpi

    Operations for Fall River

    The Operations for Fall River (Operazioni per la Carnia di Fall River) is a natural park located in Carnia di Panaro, Liguria, northern Italy.

    It includes the highest peak in the municipality at, about above sea level and the second highest in the province at. It is densely wooded and covered by a dense layer of spruce, aspen, beech and juniper.

    The area
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  46. marzwall

    The project is open source under the MIT licence.

    The project was created by Dan Buxton in 2006. It’s first public release took place in 2008. Since then it has been downloaded by more than 10,000 people.

    The first version is TZeditor 0.9, released on June 4th 2008.

    By March 2015, there were over 11,000 releases of the software.

    Can be used as a personal text editor, as a journaling platform
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  47. kalile

    This program does harm to your computer and try to help their business. You should remove this program from your computer. Otherwise, you will get problem in future.
    A-Fast Antivirus Removal Tool is a very simple program with one easy button. Press a button, and this program will scan your whole computer. After scanning finished, you can click the button “remove” to completely remove the fake virus from your computer.
    This program just shows you scan results, and you need to
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  48. calalean

    You can run the.exe folder of EdCafe Editor (Ede Cafe Editor for Mac) on both Mac OSX and Windows or even Linux. Make sure you unzip the file before running it.

    EdCafe Editor for Mac and Windows is a minimum version of EdCafe Editor, which is a free online high quality English editor and word processor that you can use to edit and format all kinds of text files from different web pages to traditional documents without any additional software
    ec5d62056f calalean

  49. belgis

    Version 2.3.6 “beta” or earlier
    Version History:
    Version 1.2:
    Added the ability to save changes to the dock (each time it runs), and a scripting language engine to make new or alter existing dock items, and even scripts.
    Version 1.1:
    The netstat widget now updates to reflect whatever state the system is in.
    The netstat widget and find flicker icons now show a count and a label of how many items are found
    ec5d62056f belgis

  50. laurroz

    It does all the job without loading startup apps by themselves and without leftover files.
    It is not powered by advanced features but is gratuitously speed-focused and this approach is what makes it worth using.
    StartUp Manager is helpful for users to remove any program on Windows which automatically start during the system startup, like AVG, ZoneAlarm or Norton / Avira / SpeedUp, as well as find where it is located at the disk.Mathematical modeling of the voltage-
    ec5d62056f laurroz

  51. inghar

    Oracle Database 11g is a mega-version upgrade to 9i, including new features and a completely different database model. With so many new features and new versions of well-known products, it’s easily
    impossible to keep up-to-date. Although Oracle Database 11g is a major improvement over 9i, it is recommended that you keep all your 9i and 10g databases accessible.
    Our Oracle Database Upgrade Advisor (DBUA) tool provides tips for migrating and updating
    ec5d62056f inghar

  52. veinan

    The following is a usability issue I observe that I believe will effect the performance of the application.

    In the setup of the scales application you have the option of setting the center and zero location of the scales on the bar. This provides an added bit of convenience as in some configurations you may need to change the location of one of the two scale pans. This change of location can be done by simply clicking on the pan while it is un-meshed from the bar.
    ec5d62056f veinan

  53. mardlaur

    Thus, it is essential to reinstall the B.O.B. Rapid Browser application, before attempting to visit another webpage.
    Proper Internet browser with a few bugs
    Nevertheless, B.O.B. Rapid Browser is a handy program that allows you to quickly and efficiently navigate the World Wide Web. It is reliable and runs fast, eliminating errors when you visit websites with the Flash content. The implemented functions may occasionally cause minor annoyances (for example, the menus are not properly displayed
    ec5d62056f mardlaur

  54. alsoliv



    Activates a minimized or maximized window. The ACTIVATE option has the sole purpose of activating the window. It does not deactivate an open or run-in-background window.


    Sets a shortcut key to be used to control the minimized or maximized window. Set /control=h for Hold, hold the
    ec5d62056f alsoliv

  55. ghanrame

    Additional features are handy in keeping workflow organized, getting rid of duplicate messages from your mailbox, and many other stuff.On June 16, 2012, Paris in Las Vegas opened at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino. Designed by local company Page + Steele and constructed by Echelon/DSM, it is owned by Grupo Pegaso. Previous owner of the building was City National Bank who also did the restoration on the Casino and in 1994 sold the Casino to Excalibur.
    ec5d62056f ghanrame

  56. ghanrame

    Additional features are handy in keeping workflow organized, getting rid of duplicate messages from your mailbox, and many other stuff.On June 16, 2012, Paris in Las Vegas opened at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino. Designed by local company Page + Steele and constructed by Echelon/DSM, it is owned by Grupo Pegaso. Previous owner of the building was City National Bank who also did the restoration on the Casino and in 1994 sold the Casino to Excalibur.
    ec5d62056f ghanrame

  57. ranalas

    It is a great tool for those, who can get the hang of it very quickly.

    Active@ Commander was created to help users manage their personal information quickly and easily. The program organizes all of the user’s important files in a single central place — whether these are on their computer, mobile device, or Internet servers. The program was designed to be simple, so the user can find everything with a few clicks. However, there is no denying that this is a robust application. A
    ec5d62056f ranalas

  58. vennwake

    Screenshot from Easy PC Optimizer


    Speed and Performance

    Easy PC Optimizer is not the ultimate optimization tool, but it can greatly enhance your PC’s general performance and speed.

    Easy PC Optimizer is an easy-to-use, moderately priced program that can fix issues regarding your browser, operating system and Internet settings.


    Startup – Recover Computer

    Easy PC Optimizer is a
    50e0806aeb vennwake

  59. letylat

    ■ Improved Battery Life
    ■ Auto Shutdown Feature

    XM Radio Online Terms Of Use

    Our Terms Of Use state:

    “XM Online Radio is a subscription-based service. All shows are available 24/7, except for the live stations. XM links are provided under a license. In order to access XM™ services, you must be a licensed XM subscriber and the model or manufacturer of your radio receiver must permit this functionality under specific radio frequency
    50e0806aeb letylat

  60. besugol

    With a couple of clicks, the software turns your photos, texts, or PDFs into a language of your choice.
    With an online API, it is possible to build the content for a multilingual website or for a text that can be translated to other languages.
    Final verdict
    All in all, everything indicates that GlyphViewer is a welcome tool. Its usage is straightforward and trouble-free, allowing for quick operation and efficient optimization on a photos you wish to turn into a
    50e0806aeb besugol

  61. elijai

    Temperature calculator has a nice and modern design that makes it incredibly user friendly and easy to use.
    Important links
    Version History
    How to use the Temperature Calculator


    You should be able to get a Windows build where the user can choose which units they want to use here


    I’ve been enjoying using one for the last couple months. It’s great when you’re mixing a batch
    50e0806aeb elijai

  62. xanella

    ■ 4 items per page
    ■ Photos only come in BITMAP format. If you’d like to use other formats like: JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIF, WORD, PICT, FONTPIC or a mix of formats, you’ll need to purchase Photo Calendar SE.
    Photo Calendar is available as a four separate programs: Photo Calendar, Photo Calendar SE, Photo Calendar Pro and Photo Calendar Pro SE.
    Photo Calendar SE includes additional file types
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  63. xanella

    ■ 4 items per page
    ■ Photos only come in BITMAP format. If you’d like to use other formats like: JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIF, WORD, PICT, FONTPIC or a mix of formats, you’ll need to purchase Photo Calendar SE.
    Photo Calendar is available as a four separate programs: Photo Calendar, Photo Calendar SE, Photo Calendar Pro and Photo Calendar Pro SE.
    Photo Calendar SE includes additional file types
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  64. armaxil


    Download it

    ZTracker is written in native C++. It has been tested in Windows 7 with MSVC 2005 and it has been compiled with STLport 4.0 and g++4.4.3.

    If you are running Windows XP, you will need the g++ compiler runtime DLL files. You can find them here.

    Please note: Directx 10 compatible versions are under development and the current version is still full of issues.
    50e0806aeb armaxil

  65. armaxil


    Download it

    ZTracker is written in native C++. It has been tested in Windows 7 with MSVC 2005 and it has been compiled with STLport 4.0 and g++4.4.3.

    If you are running Windows XP, you will need the g++ compiler runtime DLL files. You can find them here.

    Please note: Directx 10 compatible versions are under development and the current version is still full of issues.
    50e0806aeb armaxil

  66. yosijes

    Be sure to take your time and try out all its features. From the appearance of its standard window toolbar and the built-in desktop manager to the capability of the software to record your desktop activity, its multiple options are simply dazzling.
    Using Full Screen you can all the benefit of a bezeless window, no matter the size your computer screen is.
    Now is the time to enjoy a completely optimized desktop with perfect viewing comfort.

    Glad I found this! I need to
    50e0806aeb yosijes

  67. ellella

    You can either compare one genome or multiple genomes at once if you have multiple files to compare.

    Fixed *__GENES__*.gz file bug.

    Fixed extra characters in genic region export.

    Fixed BED output.

    * JContentExplorer – a content-driven gene expression browser

    /* Copyright (C) 2011
    * David
    50e0806aeb ellella

  68. rainhol

    You can use it as your only password manager to store and protect all of your sensitive data, as it will keep the passwords safe with utmost security.
    Chrome’s Password Manager
    Chrome has one of the most secure browsing experience. It can automatically remember all the user’s website and password details, including passwords, sessions, and form entries.
    It offers 100-percent cookie encryption to protect the users. It remembers every site’s details, such as its URLs, directory paths, login names
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